Hyosung Heavy Industries, the No.1 hydrogen charging station market share....Earnings surprise record in the second quarter - Daishin Securities
발행일 : 2020-06-29 13:51:39 | 박상인 기자
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“Hyosung Heavy Industries’ stock price rose 59.7% in June due to hydrogen momentum,” said Dong-heon, a researcher at Daishin Securities. “We started hydrogen-related projects in early and mid-2000, and we have a lot of experience in it, and we are expecting to collaborate with the Linde Group in Germany.” "We expect about 300 hydrogen filling stations to be ordered by 2022," he said.

“The company has 2 to 3.5 billion won per site, and 100 billion won in annual sales will be reflected in the assumption of maintaining market share,” he added.

On the other hand, sluggish investment in the front industry is still continuing, it is an evaluation that it should be noted that mid- to long-term turnaround is starting after the restructuring is completed.

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