LG Display President Chung Ho-young said, "We are pondering to internalize oversight of workplace risks."
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LG디스플레이 CI.

[Infostock Daily=Reporter Lee Ji-sun]쟊G Display is considering a direct oversight of쟭anaging쟠ontractor's dangerous work.

"Regardless of circumstances, we feel stern responsibiliy for serious workplace accidents," said Chung Ho-young, president of LG Display, at a hearing on workplace쟞ccidents at the National Assembly's Environment and Labor Committee on the 22nd.

Earlier on the 13th of last month, tetramethylammonium hydroxide was leaked while connecting pipes at LG Display's 8th plant in Paju. The accident resulted in쟠asualties.

When Lim Yi-ja, Rep. of the Power of the People party, asked about alternatives to prevent accidents, he replied, "We are pushing for direct control over mutual communication problems or work, and risk management when it comes to tasks related to dangerous materials.".

He explained, "It is the opposite concept of 'outsourcing of risk', and we are considering internalizing (risky work) and conducting it ourselves.".

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