LG Chairman Koo Kwang-mo received annual salary of 8 billion won last year... Increased by 48.4%
발행일 : 2021-02-23 07:16:11 | 이지선 기자
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[Infostock Daily=Reporter Lee Ji-sun]쟊G Group Chairman Koo Kwang-mo received 8 billion won in annual salary last year, a report showed.

According to LG Group on the 22nd, LG Co., Ltd., a holding company, paid its owner Koo a total of 8.08 billion won in annual remuneration last year. This is an increase of 48.4% compared to the total of 5.396 billion won in 2019.

In terms of salary, also called "monthly salary,"Koo's salary has not changed much compared to 2019, a year ago. Chairman Koo's annual total for 2019 was 4.336 billion won, which was revealed in LG's 2019 business report released in March last year.

In addition to his salary, Chairman Koo will also collect dividends this year. Currently, Koo is the largest shareholder with a 15.95% (27,537,771 shares) stake in LG Co., Ltd. LG Co., Ltd. held a board meeting earlier this month and decided to pay cash dividends of 2,500 won per common share this year.

As a result, Chairman Koo will receive about 68.8 billion won in dividends in April if his financial statements are approved at a regular shareholders'meeting to be held next month. Chairman Koo's dividend receipt also increased 20.9% from 56.9 billion won in 2019.

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